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Principal's Message
A Message from the Principal….  

Dear Parents:

Welcome to Granada East Middle School!

Every day is a new day at Granada East Middle School. With this perspective, there are many new beginnings. We welcome all students who enter throughout the school year and thank you for making the choice to enroll your child(ren) at Granada East. At our school, students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members are a family. Our biggest goal is to ensure an academically focused, friendly and safe environment, which leads to happy and successful students.

Granada East is a school where students grow academically and become responsible thinkers. Class time is focused on rigorous instruction, with great emphasis on building positive relationships. We strive to provide our students with a positive learning environment and have high expectations for excellent behavior in all of our classrooms.  If the learning environment is disrupted, students will be given the opportunity to reflect and create a plan to be successful in school, career, and in life. At Granada East we offer many opportunities to grow and have fun on our campus.

We are proud of the strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) presence throughout the campus.  Every student at Granada East will experience writing code and have the opportunity to join our Coding clubs. Students in seventh and eighth grades can participate in the MESA Club to grow their STEM capabilities and compete at the regional and state levels.  Fourth grade students can join the award-winning Design Squad to hone their inquiry and problem-solving skills.  The Granada East STEM Lab has been recognized as a model site for other school districts looking to replicate the STEM experience. 

Beyond the STEM focus, there are many opportunities for students in all grades to pursue diverse interests. The National Junior Honor Society recognizes students’ academic achievement, citizenship, leadership, and service, and character; Student Council gives students a voice in campus leadership and school improvement; and creative and musically inclined students can shine in Choir, Band, and Art electives.  Our robust after school sports program offers students the opportunity to play soccer, volleyball, basketball flag football, softball and baseball.  We encourage every child to find their interest and grown by participating in one or all of these events because, as each student grows individually, our entire campus benefits from the positive energy.

At Granada East, we believe our students can achieve whatever they desire.  We will do what ever it takes to support our students as they actualize their potential by designing well-planned lessons that address student needs and providing a positive environment where students want to come to school every day.  Granada East students have the capability for greatness, and we are here to help them actualize their dreams.

I look forward to partnering with all students, parents and community members to provide the best education possible throughout the school year. I challenge all teachers, staff, community members, students, families to join me in growing our school from a good school to a great school.   Let’s Think DifferentlyLet’s Focus on Rigorous Instruction.  Let’s Learn and Work Together Relentlessly.  With grit, resilience, we can achieve greatness.  Together, we can make the Impossible become Possible at Granada East.


Dr. Randy Martinez